The UNIPAS S Pallet is a 4-way steel pallet designed to be a durable and robust choice for specialized material handling needs. The surface treatment is hot-dip galvanizing.

Benefits include:

High load capacity – Multiple load capacity of a wooden pallet

Great stability and stackability – Corner stops

Resilience and robustness – Extra long life

Resistance to corrosion and atmospheric agents

Easy to sterilize – hygienic, without vermin, without contamination

Fire resistance

Full recyclability

These advantages make galvanized steel pallets extremely useful for a variety of industries:

Chemical Industry – Steel pallets withstand harsh environments and offer safe use in chemical production and storage.

Constructs – Large and heavy items need to be moved and stored on strong and durable pallets.

Long-Term Outdoor Storage – Steel pallets are weather resistant and are also suitable for long-term outdoor storage of materials.

Transport and handling of food – Steel pallets are easily sterilized so that food is not contaminated during production, transport, or storage and does not contain vermin.